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What You Might Not Know About THC

Oct 5, 2023 · no hangovers · non-alcoholic · thc · THC beverages · THC drink · THC seltzer

Have you ever been standing at a social event, and after a quick scan of the crowd, your hand suddenly feels quite empty? You want something delicious to carry around, but don’t want the effects of an alcoholic beverage affecting your mind, body, and next-day recovery. Or, have you ever sat at home and wanted to enjoy a beverage that gives you a little bit of a buzz, but not something that has the potential to make you feel sick? If this sounds familiar, then Floral Beverages are the drink for you. 

Floral Beverages are THC-infused drinks that are a wonderful substitute for an alcoholic beverage. Our seltzers contain hemp botanicals that we carefully cultivated, refined, and formulated because it is imperative to maintain the safety and quality of our products. If you are wondering how exactly THC is beneficial, or what it even is exactly, we are here to answer all the questions you might have.

Floral Beverages THC sparkling waters sitting beside an outdoor swimming pool.


THC has a number of benefits. A few of the reasons THC can be favorable are as follows:

  • Avoid hangovers. THC drinks provide a social and convenient way to unwind. You can still enjoy a night out with friends without being affected by alcohol. A great evening doesn’t have to be followed by a bad morning.

  • Enjoy food. Floral low and zero calorie beverages give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite foods or try something new!

  • Become more social. Just because you’re not drinking alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t be social or have fun. Grab a THC drink and still hang out with your friends and have a good time.  

  • Give yourself a break. Give yourself some downtime to relax or get creative with a THC buzz. 

  • Improve your mood. If you’ve had a stressful day or you’re just not in a good mood, improve it with a THC drink. Floral Beverage's THC-infused sparkling water cans stacked on top of each other.


    You heard us right! Instead of utilizing other resources such as marijuana to obtain your consumption of THC, you can instead drink it with our delicious Floral Beverages THC Seltzers. With an assortment of different flavors, these infused sparkling waters contain 10mg of Delta-8 THC in each 12 fl oz can. Zero calories per can accompany a guaranteed hangover-free morning after. Along with this, the Floral Beverages website even contains a Cocktail Library, where there are multiple different recipes that can elevate your experience enjoying these THC-infused beverages.

    While Floral Beverages are an easy and delectable way to skip the hangover, it should be understood that they may cause a buzz, and operating vehicles and machinery should still be avoided when sipping. While you are not becoming intoxicated in the same way as you are when drinking alcohol, it is always wise to get a ride rather than drive when utilizing any sort of substance. 

    A hand holding a can of Floral Beverage's THC-infused sparkling water in the flavor Pineapple Mint in front of a neon-lit sign that reads "Let's Party."


    At Floral Beverages, we are passionate about the quality of the products we put out. After all, the main reason behind the creation of our seltzers is to keep you happy, healthy, and refreshed. Instead of being unable to enjoy your drink during the night because you are too busy worrying about the impending doom of the next day’s hangover, you are able to feel a healthy, relaxing buzz and feel ready to take on the next day. Our products are actually derived from locally-grown hemp, the genetics of which are evaluated in order to make sure we use the highest-performing plants in each beverage. Along with this, we utilize equipment and third-party labs to verify the quality and safety of what we put into our products. Floral Beverages are a delicious and relaxing alternative to alcoholic beverages that allow you to enjoy THC. 

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