About Us

Ingredients matter. We cultivate, refine and formulate our own hemp botanicals to ensure our products are as safe as they are refreshing.

Our guiding principles are uncompromising Transparency & Integrity

We believe in the value of knowing exactly what you put in your body. Not just which ingredients they contain, but how and where they are grown. That’s why we control the entire production process — beginning with ensuring our soil is healthy before the hemp seed is planted and ending with you enjoying our refreshing hemp-infused products.

You can rest assured our products are grown right here in the Midwest. All agronomic and environmental variables affecting the plant have been monitored by our seasoned Heartland Harvest agronomist and ag team. We carefully comb through our farms for the finest hemp flowers that are fully matured and ready for harvest.

Once harvested, our team of scientists and chemists include meaningful amounts of traceable, consistent cannabinoid-rich hemp botanicals in each serving so that you get the effect you expect in each of our Floral-branded products. 

To combat the misconceptions about hemp, we at Heartland Harvest refuse to compromise on the quality of our Floral products and company principles.


The story behind Heartland Harvest and our flagship brand Floral:

Before anything, we’re farmers. We have been for generations.

And thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, we're now local producers of hemp botanicals. Heartland Harvest was founded by Jim and Adam Kline, as a way to offer health-conscious individuals safe, science-based cannabinoid products. The father son duo knew they would have to offer full transparency in order to bring credibility to the hemp industry fraught with stigma.

With that vision, the Kline family (along with a sharp agronomist named Kyle Brumley and a quick-witted CFO named Mitch Glentzer) began building a vertically integrated farming business. By overseeing the entire production chain they would guarantee consumers the purest natural hemp product possible. They quickly realized that their vision required the expertise of a diverse range of professionals. So they began building a team of experts, including chemists, research scientists, culinary artists, and regulatory compliance specialists. Without these people, Heartland Harvest would not be able to ensure the highest level of safety, compliance and quality control.

Today, Heartland Harvest and it's flagship brand Floral strives to deliver hemp-derived ingredients in an innovative, convenient, and safe way.


From soil to oil (and beyond)

Locally-grown hemp is the foundation of our products. We begin by carefully vetting our soil health for the perfect field location. We critically evaluate our hemp genetics to obtain the highest performing plants for our spot in the Midwest. Our curated plants are grown under careful inspection in greenhouses through their 'adolescent years'. Like any greenhouse, we take the plant 'starts' and place them in the field with plenty of sun, water, and nutrients. 

Once the plants are near maturity, we regularly walk through our fields looking for and removing unwanted male plants. Cannabinoid-rich hemp oil is produced by female plants as a way of attracting pollinators and deterring threats to the plant. Once pollinated, the hemp plant puts its energy into producing seeds.

At full maturity, we obtain state approval and remove the plant from the field and dry it in our barns. This process is called curing the plant. Once dry, we separate the valuable floral material from the stalk and stems.

We take the dried flower to our extraction facility to separate the unrefined cannabinoid-rich hemp oil from the plant. We then purify the oil through a series of cooling, heating, and distilling the extracts. The extracts are concentrated and then formulated into our consumer products. We then double-check our work with our quality control equipment and send a sample of our product out to a third-party lab for verification. 

All of our products go through stringent quality testing so that you get the effect you expect - with industry leading transparency.