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From Our Farm to Your Fridge

We’re a team of farmers, chemists, scientists, herbalists, and attorneys working together to bring you a truly farm-to-fridge product. That means you don’t need to worry about where your product was grown, where it was purified, who formulated it, or how it was canned. In a new industry where it’s hard to know who to trust, we’re setting the standard for product quality and transparency.



Our process begins with the foundation. The lifeblood for a farmer is soil quality. Before we plant the first seedling, we test our soils to ensure there are no harmful chemicals that can make its way into the plant.



Our plants begin in a greenhouse before being transplanted into the field. Once planted, they receive plentiful water, nutrients and sunlight.



As the days get longer, our plants are in a ‘vegetative state,’ meaning their energy is spent growing as big as possible. Once the summer solstice occurs, the hemp plant’s energy focuses on reproduction. There are male and female hemp plants. The males produce pollen and the females produce flowers. It’s the oil from the female hemp flowers that go into each Floral beverage.



Before harvest, state inspectors visit our farm and take samples to ensure that our hemp contains compliant amounts of Delta-9 THC. We remove the entire plant (which looks like a Christmas tree) and take it to our drying facilities.



Similar to hops, hemp flowers are difficult to remove until dried. Our facilities are a modern take on the Kentucky drying barns of past generations. Natural breeze is introduced from our open-air doors and air handling system to gently dry the plants to a desired moisture level.



The hemp flowers are placed in our extraction suites to separate the CBD and THC from the hemp fiber. The oils are considered a ‘crude oil’ and the remaining fiber is spread back on our fields.



The crude hemp oil is then purified through a distillation process. The product of this process is a hemp distillate. Our hemp distillate then goes through a centrifugal partition process that separates the various cannabinoids (CBD, THC, and others).



The purified hemp extract then goes through a process where we do two things. First, we create a cocktail of food-grade ingredients that keeps the hemp oils stable in water. Second, we reduce the particle size with sonic waves. Smaller particles have higher dissolution rates due to the larger surface area to volume ratio and, therefore, a better chance for faster absorption. That’s science talk for - this process allows our products to mimic the onset of an alcoholic beverage, sans the alcohol.



Hemp and hops are close genetic cousins. This means that hemp is naturally bitter. The team at Floral works hard to handcraft recipes our consumers enjoy.



We took a page from our craft beer friends. Our canning infrastructure looks a lot like your neighborhood craft brewery. Unlike the brewery, there is no fermentation. Once the recipes are carbonated and chilled, we put our drinks in cans and prepare them for delivery to you.



Quality matters. Our products are tested internally and validated by third-party, accredited laboratories. We test our products for all recreational panels in their most concentrated state. We then follow up with testing the packaged product for potency and microbial standards.

Setting the standard for quality and transparency.