Two men holding cans of Floral Beverages' THC-infused seltzers.
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Enjoy Your Night Without Sacrificing Your Morning With Floral Beverages

Oct 12, 2023 · adult beverages · no hangovers · non-alcoholic · THC seltzer

Do you enjoy the social aspect of drinking, but hate dealing with a hangover the next morning? The rise of THC drinks has brought in the fun, social aspect of drinking without any of its not-so-cool side effects. 

A woman holding a can of Floral Beverages Strawberry Mango THC-infused seltzer.


We understand, being hungover is definitely one of the worst side effects of alcohol. This is why here at Floral Beverages we strive to provide you with a better and tastier option. We developed our THC-infused seltzers to provide a delightful alternative to alcohol. We told you! There is definitely a way to enjoy your night without sacrificing your morning. 

Our products are carefully crafted to deliver a controlled dose of THC giving you a nice buzz. The majority of our customers say that having 2 cans of Floral hits the sweet spot. 

Additionally, Floral drinks will help you avoid a hangover. We  have all experienced unpleasant feelings after a heavy night of drinking. No one likes a hangover. Our THC seltzers and drinks were developed so you can enjoy your night and the next morning!

Lastly, we understand that everyone's preferences are unique. This is why we came up with different flavors of seltzers for you to choose from! Whether you prefer a pineapple mint flavor or a delicious tropical one, Floral Beverages has the perfect option for you. This versatility ensures that you can find a drink that suits your taste buds and provides the desired THC experience.

A can of Floral Beverages Tropical THC-infused seltzer sitting outside on a sunny day.


Nowadays, it is pretty common to have alcohol at every friend gathering, but the night doesn't have to revolve around it. 

Floral Beverages' THC-infused seltzers provide a fantastic alternative for those looking to enhance their social experiences without the effects of alcohol. Our products promote a relaxed and convivial atmosphere, sparking engaging conversations and fostering a sense of connection!

Two woman holding cans of Floral Beverages THC-infused seltzers


Floral Beverages offers a groundbreaking concept that allows you to enjoy your night without sacrificing your morning. With THC-infused seltzers that provide a gentle lift, no hangovers, and an enhanced social experience, we have everything you need! 

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