The Perfect Outdoor Setting to Consume Each Floral Flavor
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The Perfect Outdoor Setting to Consume Each Floral Flavor

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Hemp-infused nonalcoholic beverages popularity is on the rise and it’s only getting hotter. A refreshing and unique taste compared to regular cocktails. Elevate your hangout with a unique cocktail alternative that still gives you the buzz you desire. Whether you’re sipping a Key Lime Seltzer by the pool with friends or indulging in a THC Modern Mule on a rooftop in the city, the outdoor setting will enhance your experience. 

Now let’s dive into the best outdoor settings for each flavor:

Picnic in the Orchard 

As the leaves begin to turn golden, there is no better way to celebrate the Autumn season with a picnic among the apple trees! With a Harvest Apple THC Seltzer in hand, explore nature and find a cozy spot for your mellow Fall picnic.

Poolside Barbecue

Soak in the summer sun and vibes with Key Lime THC Seltzer by the pool! Savor the mouth-watering spread of summertime favorite dishes and a classic Key Lime THC Seltzer to enhance the taste palette. Spark conversations with friends with the unique Key Lime THC Seltzer!

Beachside Bliss

As the sky turns pink and orange, savor a Strawberry Mango THC Seltzer that will set the rhythm of the evening. Toast with friends and enjoy the fragrance of fruity scents of the beverage. 

Bahama Paradise

Curate a Bahama-inspired lounge setting and refresh with the Tropical THC Seltzer. With every sip of the fruity concoction, you will be transported to your relaxing dream vacation in the Bahamas. Your only worry is to soak up the sun and enjoy your island-inspired vibes.

Gingham Summer Days

Set a retro-inspired gathering with the center: the Blackberry Lemonade CBD Sparkling Water. Taste the flavor of ripe strawberries and freshly squeezed lemonade with a fun and exciting buzz. Slip on your retro attire and picnic basket to make some memories!

Spring Night Jam

Picture the scene: fairy lights twinkling, dancing music, and friends. To boost the scene, the Nectarine CBD Sparkling Water awaits. Jam out with friends with the crisp Nectarine CBD Sparkling Water. Raise your glass and let the music take you away!

Day on the Ocean 

Feel the ocean breeze and take a sip of paradise: the Floral THC Margarita. The tangy Mexican lime notes and blue agave flavor will teleport you to a beach in Baja California. Relax and watch the palm trees sway as you get a light buzz.

Warm Summer Night on the Patio

Step out onto your patio and indulge in a Floral THC Mojito with the warm glow of the night. Cozy up on your chair and be greeted with a refreshing aroma of fizzy lime and cane sugar. Put on some relaxing Cuban tunes and wind down with a beverage handcrafted to deliver a satisfying buzz.

Urban Rooftop

Enjoy the view of the cityscape drinking the Floral THC Modern Mule. Sipping on a hemp-infused nonalcoholic Modern Mule served in a stylish copper cup overlooking the city lights, the urban rooftop adds sophistication to the drinking experience. 

We recommend adding lime and mint to strengthen the hemp infusion and to create a visually appealing drink.  

No matter the weather, Floral Beverages is the perfect beverage choice. Shop our collection of THC Cocktails, THC Seltzers, and CBD Sparkling Waters to find the perfect non-alcoholic drink. 

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