Testimonials from our Floral Community
A Adam Kline

Testimonials from our Floral Community

May 2, 2024 · adult beverages · Alternatives · cannabis · cbd · Gift Guide · no hangovers · non-alcoholic · seltzer · socializing · Stress relief · thc · THC beverages · THC beverages near me · THC drink · THC seltzer

At Floral Beverages, our CBD and THC drinks and products have so many amazing benefits to offer our consumers. We see this daily when we read the many reviews on how our products are making a real difference in people’s lives and it brings a smile to our faces. People consume Floral Beverages for a whole range of different reasons. Some are drinking Floral in replace of alcohol use and tell us stories about how they love the way they don’t have hangovers the next day and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for life. While others rave about the euphoric, calming feelings that Floral provides them with during times of stress. Here are some of our favorite reviews for you to read for yourself!

Amela - Personal Trainer (@amelavfitness)

 “What I love about Floral Beverages is that they provide me the calming effect I need without any negative side effects. I don’t wake up with a hangover. I wake up well-rested and ready to take on the day! I don’t feel foggy or bloated. I feel relaxed and happy! I personally choose non-alcoholic beverages due to my family history of alcoholism alongside the way I felt when I did drink alcohol. It was just never a good experience for me. Try Floral is the perfect, healthy alternative. As someone who suffers from anxiety, Try Floral is my literal best friend! There are several flavor options, I can choose to make my own drink and add the rapid-release packets and I can have them whenever I want because I keep them at home, in my fridge! Trying Floral has truly given me a better road to take whenever I am feeling anxious. I love them!"

Haley - Nutrition Coach (@halesfit_xo)

 “I love Floral Bevs because they allow me to relax in a social setting where alcohol may be present at a time when I’m not drinking alcohol. They fit my fitness lifestyle as some of them are 0 calories! I love the taste of them alone but also they’re great to mix with calorie-free drinks! They take off the edge but come with no hangover. At 35 I don’t have time to combat hangovers and the mental angst that comes with them! So Floral has been a fantastic addition to my AF weekends.”

Courtney - Content Creator

“I have been drinking Floral Beverages for almost a year now and this has been a game changer! I am not a big alcohol drinker so I always felt a little left out. Floral allows me to participate in events in a fun and meaningful way even though I don't like to consume liquor. I always feel great the next day and 1 can is more than enough for me to relax and enjoy myself! I have been loving sharing with family & friends.”

Stephanie  - Fitness Coach (@steph_aniee3_fit)

“I absolutely love floral! I stopped drinking a year ago and was looking for a fun nonalcoholic drink I could enjoy instead when I found floral!! I love how they have no bad side effects, no waking up feeling terrible like alcohol! It’s my go-to drink when I go to the pool or go hang out with friends and family!”

It’s always amazing to read about all of the unique ways that consumers are incorporating Floral Beverages into their everyday routines. It’s obvious that our products inspire, relax, and bring joy, which has been our goal all along! If the good reviews have you hooked, check out our other blogs for more ideas on how you can incorporate Floral Beverages into your life and experience what all the buzz is about!

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