Why Does THC Particle Size Matter?
A Adam Kline

Why Does THC Particle Size Matter?

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A person has a set amount of receptors in their body that process THC at a static speed. Relatively speaking, if there are a few ‘bowling ball’ sized THC compounds they will attach to a few receptors and be processed over a longer period of time.

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For example, a consumer may be groggy if they eat an edible because their body is still processing the THC oil the next morning. Contrast this with smaller ‘marble’ sized particles that attach to a greater number of receptors. Absorption occurs more on par with how alcohol is metabolized. Depending on the rate at which a beverage is consumed, consumers begin getting a noticeable effect in 15 minutes with a plateau in 45 minutes. Floral’s beverage effects typically end around two hours later. This provides our consumers with a more reliable experience as an alternative to alcohol. Responsible and reliable portioning is paramount here at Floral.

If you have concerns about this topic or would like to speak with someone at Floral, please don’t hesitate to reach out at customerservice@tryfloral.com.

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