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The Ultimate Floral Gift Guide to the Perfect Buzz

The Ultimate Floral Gift Guide to the Perfect Buzz

Adam Kline -

During this festive season, we invite you to consider our distinguished assortment of floral and THC-infused beverages as a means to enhance your celebrations. Whether abstaining from alcohol or seeking to avoid post-celebration discomfort, Floral offers a considered selection to accommodate your preferences. 

Floral Seltzers:

For individuals who appreciate the refreshing qualities of a light beverage, try our Delta-8 THC Seltzers. Available in five distinct flavors, including pineapple mint and strawberry mango, each provides a sense of tranquility. Additionally, these beverages are calorie-free, serving as a suitable substitute for conventional alcoholic options. Select your preferred flavor, unwind, and initiate a state of relaxation.

Floral Cocktails:

Enhance your social experiences with Floral's signature THC Cocktails, available in three distinct flavors: THC Mojito, Floral THC Margarita, and Floral THC Modern Mule. Not only do these beverages offer a unique twist, but they also contain fewer calories than a light beer, presenting a favorable option for various occasions.  


CBD Sparkling Water:

Enjoy our CBD Sparkling Waters in Blackberry Lemonade and Nectarine flavors for a touch of summer in the winter. These drinks are crisp and refreshing, giving a hint of the season whether you're by the fireplace or daydreaming on the beach. Floral's CBD Sparkling Water is a simple yet elegant way to keep the summer vibe alive.


Drink Enhancers:

For those who are often on the go, our Drink Enhancers are designed to be a convenient companion. These discreet packs, infused with Floral's special enhancements, can quickly elevate your beverage. Just toss a pack into your bag, and you're all set to turn any moment into a unique and enhanced experience.

Holiday Special - The Floral Arrangement 24-Pack:

As part of the holiday festivities, Floral is presenting a special promotion. Buy 2 of our 24-can packs and enjoy a substantial 25% discount, along with complimentary shipping. Apply code 'FLORALFEAST' during checkout! The Floral Arrangement includes a thoughtfully selected assortment of our most flavorful beverages. It is an optimal selection for individuals who enjoy adding a bit of excitement to their gatherings. This limited-time offer provides an opportunity for a fun and unique holiday celebration.

Give the gift of Floral this holiday season and try something new. Here's to a celebration with a heightened atmosphere.