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Sparkling Soirees: Elevate your alcohol-free gatherings with this ultimate guide

Sparkling Soirees: Elevate your alcohol-free gatherings with this ultimate guide

Adam Kline -

The “sober-curious” trend has been everywhere lately, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that going out to social events, gatherings, outings, you name it, has gotten easier for those of us participating in a lifestyle change after loving the results of Dry January. The stigma behind drinking alcohol at events continues to be the social norm for many. Luckily, alternatives like our hemp-infused drinks, provide you with delicious (and low-calorie) options without the dreaded morning after effects. 

Saying “No Thanks” to “Can I Get You a Beer?” Just Got Even Easier!

We’ve all been there. That awkward moment when you arrive at your friend's house, and they offer you a drink you don't really want. You don't want to be rude or miss out, but you're not sure what to do. Here are some great alternatives that you could say, instead of babysitting that half-drinking can of warm beer all night. 

  • I only drink Floral sparkling water.
  • I brought a case of my hemp-infused drinks. Thanks though!
  • No, thanks.
  • I’m trying this “no alcohol” trend out!

How Did Sober-Curious Gain So Much Traction? Are The Benefits Actually Worth It?

We’ve been wondering the same thing! But don’t worry, we’re here to bring you the facts behind the movement. A survey that the University of Michigan conducted in 2018, called “Monitoring the Future”, discovered that Millennials and Gen Z were drinking significantly less than prior generations (such as Gen X and Baby Boomers) did at their age. A 2020 study performed by JAMA Pediatrics, reportedly found that there was an 8 percent increase between the years of 2002 and 2018 in college students choosing not to drink alcohol. 

Not only do we have studies like the ones mentioned above to thank, but influencers across TikTok and Instagram have impacted people making these lifestyle changes! 

Am I Still “Sober” If I Consume Floral Delta-9 Seltzers?

The term “sober” is broad. Like really, really broad. We think that everyone has their own definition of sober. There isn’t a right or wrong way to explore (or not explore) sobriety. Whatever feels the best for you and your lifestyle, should be your M.O. If that means cutting out alcohol completely, go for it! Drinking only on the weekends? More power to you! Are you only having our hemp-infused drinks? We don’t blame you! Being comfortable enough to know what works for you and how you decide to go about your curiosity, will make the experience all the more exciting.

Our hemp-infused drinks will give you all the fun you’re looking for when partying, socializing, whatever! Since it’s non-alcoholic but is a CBD and THC product, you’ll still have that sweet feeling of relaxation with giggles, and so much more. The true excitement of our Delta-9 drinks though? You’ll wake up the next day without any signs of hangover, anxiety, sluggishness, or whatever negative side effects alcohol gives you the morning after. 

We suggest switching out your usual beverage with your favorite Floral flavor to enjoy a great time with your friends and loved ones, unwind and feel recharged after a long day, or any other reason you’d like to add! We’re not here to judge, just to give you better options.