Feel the Buzz, Beat the Hangover - How Floral Beverages Beats Hangovers
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Feel the Buzz, Beat the Hangover - How Floral Beverages Beats Hangovers

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Have you ever had that hangover feeling in the morning after a fun night out? No fun, right?

Good News! You do not have to worry about a hangover with our products. Our THC Seltzers redefine the way you enjoy cannabis with our range of flavorful drinks. Whether you're in the mood for a light buzz with our Buzzed Seltzers, a splash of sparkle with our Sparkling Water, or an extra kick with our Enhancers, Floral Beverages has the perfect solution for every palate. 


With our variety of available products and flavors, here is a guide to finding your new favorite drink:

Floral THC Seltzers

Our Floral THC Seltzers are infused with 10mg of rapid-acting Delta-9 THC, which can lead to a feeling of relaxation. The best part of our drinks is that even with the buzzed experience, you experience no hangover the following morning. 

The Floral Arrangement

Our variety pack, the Floral Arrangement, consists of 15 cans with five flavors: key lime, strawberry mango, pineapple mint, harvest apple, and tropical. This is the perfect selection to share with your crew or a great way to choose your favorite flavor. For your convenience, the 15-pack is also available as a subscription, helping you save 20%.   

CBD Sparkling Waters: Nectarine  & Blackberry Lemonade 

Try our CBD Sparkling Waters in Nectarine and Blackberry Lemonade for a light and refreshing summer sip. THC-free and bursting with fruity goodness, these sparkling waters are the epitome of relaxation without compromise.

CBD (THC Free) Drink Enhancers  & Floral Cocktail Enhancers 

Enhance your drink with our CBD (THC Free) Drink Enhancers and Floral Cocktail Enhancers. Boost your beverage with Delta-8 THC in a zero-calorie shot alternative, ensuring a buzzed experience without the guilt or hangover.

Floral Cocktails - Margarita, Mojito, and Modern Mule

Indulge in non-alcoholic delights with our Floral THC Margarita, Mojito, and Modern Mule. Experience the vibrant flavors of Cuba with the Mojito's sweet mint and lime, or opt for the Modern Mule when taking a break from alcoholic beverages. With fewer calories than a light beer, our Floral THC Margarita promises a guilt-free indulgence. All three flavors are available in 4-pack, 12-pack, and 24-pack options.

The Floral THC Margarita is a non-alcoholic beverage with fewer calories than a light beer. Whether you drink only one or a couple, there is no hangover the following day. 

The Mojito transports you to salsa dancing in Cuba with a sweet mint and lime taste. Its natural ingredients make it the perfect non-alcoholic drink for your next fiesta!

The Modern Mule is an excellent option for socializing even when you want to pause alcoholic beverages.  

Are you looking for some cocktail inspiration?

Explore the art of mixology with our Cocktail Library, which offers enticing recipes to complement our buzzing drinks. Try one today!

Our products ensure a pleasant experience without worrying about high-calorie intake or any next morning's grogginess. Whether you try our seltzer, enhancers, or sparkling waters, we provide a safe and refreshing experience. Why give up a good time and buzz? Check out Floral Beverages today!

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