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7 Reasons Why THC Beverages are Your Secret Weapon During the #75Hard Diet

May 11, 2023 · THC beverages · THC drink · THC seltzer

The #75Hard diet is a popular fitness challenge that requires participants to follow a strict diet and exercise regimen for 75 days. It's a tough challenge that requires discipline and commitment. THC beverages can be your secret weapon to help you stick to your diet and reach your fitness goals. Here's why:

THC seltzer drink, alcoholic alternative
  1. No Calories. All beer, wine, and cocktails have calories. You can’t get around it. THC beverages, like our THC seltzers, have zero calories. You can enjoy a refreshing drink without sabotaging your diet.
  2. No Alcohol. Alcohol is a no-no on the #75Hard diet, but THC beverages are a great alternative. They offer the same sociable and relaxing effects as alcohol, but without the calories and hangovers.
  3. No Sugar. Most adult beverages have added sugars. Not so fast. Our seltzers have zero sugar. This means you can enjoy a delightful drink without worrying about your sugar intake.
  4. Improves Sleep. Sleep is essential for muscle recovery and overall health. THC has been shown to improve sleep quality, which can help you recover faster and perform better in your workouts.
  5. Reduces Stress. Stress can sabotage your diet and fitness goals. Many of our consumers have anecdotally reported that Floral’s THC seltzers help them unwind from the stressors of daily life, which can help you stay focused and committed to your goals.
  6. Social Outlet. Having access to an adult beverage during the #75hard program keeps you from feeling isolated at social events. Crack one open and enjoy a great social-setting alternative to alcohol.
  7. Rehydrate. THC beverages are the perfect option for rehydrating after a long workout. Floral's THC seltzers come in convenient cans that you can take with you to the gym or on a hike. 
THC seltzer key lime flavored drink, alcoholic alternative,

Floral Beverage's THC seltzers are the perfect addition to your #75Hard diet. With zero calories, zero sugar, and no alcohol, they can help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Visit to learn more about our THC seltzers and how they can help you crush your #75Hard challenge.

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